Motorola MPx220 does not charge anymore

Recently we had 2 Motorola MPx220 - both of them stopped charging. We tested different batteries and chargers - no effect at all. The charging electronic seams to be broken.

As I don't agree with such 'broken' devices as long as I see a chance to repair it. So, I disassabled the Motorola MPx220 mobile phone and started to search the board for broken elements. Finally, I found a suspect device - an element marked with an F - very close to the connector. This element is a SMD Fuse - and after messuring its resistance it was clear - the fuse was broken.

So, I just soldered a small piece of wire onto it and everything was fine again - the Motorola MPx220 charged perfect again.

Only one question is left - why the fuse was broken. If it was only to to soft it shouldn't be a problem at all. On the other hand, if it was because of an error in the charging circuit it is possible a safety problem as the lithium battery could overcharge and explode.


The same problem also exists for the Motorola MPx200 - as I found on some websites. So I putted this repair instruction for the Motorola MPx220.

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